Frequently Asked Questions

These are the Common questions about Sidrah Sales

Q. “How do I contact you? What time are you open?”

You can email [email protected] anytime, or call us from 9am till 8pm on 9730601219

What Are The Payment Methods Available?

You can pay by cash or direct bank transfer , UPI or sometimes by credit card over the phone.

Can I rely on your customer service?

It is important to know who you can reach out in case you have post purchase queries or complaints. Is there an efficient, readily available customer support team at place?

Do you have experience in manufacturing bags?

Definitely , We have years of experience are armed with skills like troubleshooting, superior craftsmanship and nuanced understanding of bag manufacturing .

What are the prices for diffrent bags ?

Pricing is determined and depends on various factors such as how many pieces you are buying, type of material used, complexity of design, and deadline that needs to be met. Contact us now to get an estimate!

How can I be assured of quality?

Sidrah Sales think promise has no value if we cannot keep it. So before shipping you can inspect your goods at your own cost to be assured of quality.